Kim Vetter Photography | About

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work and maybe consider me for your day.  I love life in Nashville, my family, my dog and I adore wedding days and their pace and excitement!

I've been capturing wedding moments for over a decade...  first, just in the Nashville area and now, all over the place!  Weekends on a Southwest plane and a new wedding adventure are crazy fun!  Wedding photography is truly a passion of mine.  I get excited about every single celebration I get to capture: I can't wait to see your dress, the colors you've chosen, the little details you picked out... and, of course, to taste the cake....  or donuts or ice cream or cupcakes..!!


So, here's what you get with me:


- EXPERIENCE.  I'm very proud of how efficiently and smoothly I run a wedding day!  I have handled bad weather, late schedules, so many different shapes and sizes of venues, and allllll kinds of lighting situations.  I can let you know, in advance, what kind of timeframe is needed for what you want. 


- PROFESSIONALISM.  Your day is about YOU, not ME!  Getting the images that you dream about doesn't mean that you have to keep track of poses and timelines and give up hours of time on your day!  The first thing you will notice about my collections is that they are shorter than many.  This is not for budget reasons.... it's about making sure you enjoy YOUR day.  I work really hard and fast and know how to keep things moving so you don't have to smile so long or get too hungry wanting to get into your reception.  I've developed techniques and habits in my work that make everyone comfortable and relaxed as we spend the day together.  And I arrive dressed professionally while very courteous and considerate to your family and friends.


- ATTENTION.  Every couple is different.... you don't want the same poses and pics that others have.  I listen to your requests, save images you send my way, and make sure you get what you want!  On your day, I'm completely focused on you - I arrive early and start right on time... I don't take breaks or disappear on you... I value that you have chosen me for such important images and I am working hard the whole time.  I stay in shape so that I can be on my feet and active for hours - it's so important to me that I'm capturing images that you want for ALL of the time that you're paying for. 


I am very directive on a wedding day...  I make sure that my couples have fun even if they express that they are uncomfortable in front of the camera.  No worries!  I will keep you moving fast and try to distract you enough that you just have fun and enjoy your day while I make sure you get the images you want!


Send me a message and ask any question you would like - I'm very proud of how my wedding days go and am happy to explain any part of the process to you.  If your date is available on my calendar, I'm happy to send you my wedding collection information including all the details and pricing on reserving me for your day!


And congrats on your engagement and wedding planning ~ I really hope to hear from you!!