the KVPwedding experience.... 


what we're talking about now is the experience of your wedding day.

what you are investing in is the person that will be by your side for most of this magical day... and the mood they will bring to your moments... the attitude they will have toward your family and friends...  

you want someone who will step into your day and your dreams and your plans with confidence and excitement, not stress or frustration or working under pressure.

I completely feel that a responsibility of my job as your wedding photographer is that you are relaxed and happy and at ease... I want you to feel 100% confident that you are getting stunning images that tell the story of your beautiful, perfect day!


your wedding photography is something you will cherish for a lifetime.  this is how your children will see your story, long after the flowers have wilted and your dress is stored away and the guests have all gone home.  these images have to sparkle and show off the day you designed and ALL the emotions and moments.  an experienced professional will make sure that these important memories aren't out of focus or missing or less than you expected.... I work with clients who value their images and the pace and energy of their day that happens while we capture them. it's such a pleasure to take care of my couples and surprise them with a beautiful story. 

your images...heirloom moments... 


wedding collections start at $2,300

average investment range $3,000 - $4,000

if you're ready to say "YES!" to having an amazing day capturing perfect memories,

say hello...  let's get started and excited about your plans! reach out and share a few details with me and I will send my full investment guide to you.

digital collections

nashville, tn
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10 +


full time


over 1,800 hours behind the lens

as of 1/1/2020:

190,317 images delivered





areas KVP serves

I am based in Nashville, TN and the variety of venues in the Nashville area is thrilling - I can shoot 40 weddings a year here and never repeat a venue! The variety of backdrops for your day in this area is amazing!


But I love to travel and and want to be your wedding photographer - I'd love to hear about the adventure you have planned!  If you want a photographer that you can 100% trust to show up and make sure you get those images you dream about while having a blast - book me!

Nashville Wedding Photographer
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