how to choose a wedding photographer

  1. EXPERIENCE... this is #1 for a reason... wedding days are complicated and often don't go exactly as planned. I know this from shooting over 200 weddings!  Enjoying every minute of your day is my priority, always.  Don't let someone without the experience of a wedding day's pace take away from your day!

  2. It will actually be me that shows up to shoot your wedding... not another photographer.  When you book your day with me, it will be ME!  And I will book nothing else on your day.

  3. I don't need perfect lighting... if you want a beautiful, dark, candlelit reception, or if your day is a little cloudy, I can handle it.. and make it beautiful!  Using the right combination of natural light and off-camera flash, I have so much fun transforming the shadows!

  4. Your full-res jpg files included in every collection. I deliver your files in a shareable online gallery (your family and friends can download files they want for free!) and also send you the exact same files on a flash drive shipped to your home.  These are included in your collection price - no worries about extra fees or additional charges when your digital files are sent your way!  This includes your letter of print release to print your files, or make your own albums/gifts.

  5. All of the files I deliver to you are fully edited. Every. Single. One. Your completed online gallery will be ready in 3 weeks or less (usually 2!)

  6. I'm happy to share an entire wedding gallery with you as you make your photographer decision... or 2! ..or 3! I'm proud of all my work - not just a few website highlights!

  7. I take care of details!  When I'm shooting, I know what I'm doing.  I don't have to "test the light" or focus on trying to get the shot right.  I'm fast and accurate with a camera, so I can pay attention to your hair and your necklace and angles that flatter you and getting lots of variety for you.

  8. You and your family and friends will enjoy spending the day with me... I'm totally fun and easy going during a wedding day's craziness..  I get the job done, and part of my job is doing all the work while you get lost in your happy day!

  9. I have backup equipment. If a camera malfunctions or if I... (ahem..)... drop something (yeah, it happens!), I will fix it later and just switch to another camera or lens.

  10. And backup memory cards!!  Oh, so important.  I shoot your entire day to two sets of memory cards. If I ever have a corrupted memory card, I've got an entire second set!

  11. My business is insured...  a lot of venues ask for proof of insurance from your vendors.  No problem!

  12. You won't find a required dinner break in my contract. There's a LOT to cover on a wedding day, and I work long and hard.  I'm not saying I won't grab a stray dinner roll or pop a protein bar.. but I won't disappear on you!

  13. There are no limits on how many images I capture for you.  I will shoot the whole time and get as many as I can!

  14. I dress professionally.  I wear all black: dress pants and quite (ugly) shoes so I can work hard and maintain a neat and clean appearance.

  15. I listen to your ideas...  and let your ideas influence my wedding day decisions.  Send me all the screenshots or Pinterest folders you want!  I will review them and we can work together to recreate the shots you love!

and why it should be me....

Nashville Wedding Photographer

you want reasons why KVP is the best choice?  oh, I got em!!  Here are 15 to get ya started!

Nashville Wedding Photographer
Nashville Wedding Photographer